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When should I purchase a new heating and air conditioning system?

   When your system is 10-years or older, in need of repair or inefficient, purchasing a new system will be more efficient and can offer

   long-term benefits.

​What Does Seer Rating Mean? 

   The Seer rating of a system is the cooling output during a typical cooling-season, divided by the total electric energy input during 

    the same period.  The higher the seer rating the more energy efficient the system is. The minimum seer rating for Texas is 14. APC 

    Service Pros installs AC systems ranging from 14 seer to 20 seer.

What is AFUE?

   AFUE is Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency Ratio.  AFUE is used to rate furnace efficiency by dividing the ratio of heat output by

   heat input.This measurement describes how well fuel or gas is consumed to product heat by a furnace. Furnaces manufactured in

   the United States are required to have at least an 80% AFUE.

What is two-stage cooling?

   Two-stage cooling utilizes a multi- or two-speed compressor. A high-stage demand from the thermostat will cause the compressor

   and circulating fan to operate at 100% cooling capacity and the indoor fan to operate the high-speed setting. A low-stage demand 

   from the thermostat will result in approx 35% speed reduction at both the compressor and indoor unit fan.  Two-stage cooling generally

   results in extended operations at low speed removing more moisture from the home.

What is a "properly matched" system?

   Because of a variety of factors, for split systems, not every pairing of an outdoor unity and an indoor unit will work adequately. 

   Engineers spend extensive time ensuring what combinations will perform correctly in your home.

What is R-410A?

   R-410A is the common name for an emerging hydrofluorocarbon that is being used as a refrigerant in the HVAC industry.  R-410A

   is more environmentally friendly than R-22 and is being seen as the most likely replacement for R-22 by HVAC manufacturers. At

   the beginning of 2010, the use of alternate refrigerant was required in HVAC manufacturing.


How Clean is the Air in you home?

Air borne contaminants come from our everyday conveniences and commonly used products, Smoke from cooking, Tobacco, Pet Dander all affect the indoor air quality in your home. Air fresheners, carpets, glues, household cleaners, paint, varnishes emit toxins in the air and can adversely affect indoor air quality. 

If you have indoor allergies and/or indoor odors, you should change your air filters regularly and consider installing a whole house UV Air Purification System.

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A new air conditioning system is a big decision and a big investment, APC Service Pros has the knowledge and experience you can trust to ensure that your home has a fully functional source of cool air. 

APC Service Pros will guide you through this process and help you choose the systems that best fits your needs.

We've built a reputation with our customers for quality work at fair prices.

Air Conditioner Installation


APC Service Pros can professionally install a new Air Conditioner System for you. We install York, Lennox, American Standard and Amana systems, from basic single stage to high efficient mutli-stage communicating systems.  Air conditioner installation for residential and light commercial customers.  

We install the best air conditioning systems on the market

If your current air conditioning system is not cutting it anymore, APC Service Pros is here for you.  Let us  install a shiny new air conditioning system that will last for many years.  We provide the latest air conditioning systems that the industry has to offer, with the latest technologies built in.  Nothing cools your home or office better than the newest models, bringing better comfort to your home.  Contact APC Service Pros to learn why so many customers in the area have come to us to for their air conditioning installation.

Why choose APC Service Pros for your air conditioning installation:

Professional installation by experienced technicians

Great warranties: 10-years parts and 10-years labor (on select systems)

Your satisfaction is important to us, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction

We are fully licensed and insured for your protection

Locally owned and operated, Great customer service

Free no hassle estimates on air conditioner replacements

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